Ashley Leveille

Ashley Leveille is a resident of East Ramapo for 20 years. She graduated from Ramapo Senior High School in 2012. She has been a pre-school teacher for five years, working with children ages 6 months to 6 years. In 2016 she was honored by Childcare Resource of Rockland with the Children’s Champion award, “Rookie of the Year”. She owes her love for teaching from the guidance, knowledge, and support of her cherished East Ramapo teachers. She is a member of the Rockland based mentorship program “Step up”. She has a seven year old daughter who is attends school in East Ramapo. Ashley’s objective is to represent our district as a whole including students, parents, and teachers.

Forum Questionnaire Answers

Your Name
Ashley Leveille
Do you have a personal stake in public education?
My entire education career started and ended in the East Ramapo Central School district. I’ve encountered some amazing and inspirational teachers. I have a seven year old daughter who is now starting her journey through the district as well.
Why do you want to run?
I am running because I believe in community. If there is a way for me to bridge the gap between our public school district and community, I want to do that. East Ramapo is beautifully diverse school district with both children and parents of all nationalities. It is important that our board is represented by someone from their community who understands first hand their wants, needs, and concerns. As a parent and former student of the East Ramapo Central school district, it is vital to me that our community’s voices are directly heard through a given platform.
What are your vision and goals for high academic achievement for all students?
We must first understand that we are the biggest advocates for our children. If we provide them with a flawed system and lack of support, we’re setting them up to fail. We must take into consideration the demographic of each school and come up with better strategies to encourage learning. Every child is different. We must learn to teach the whole child and not just the classroom because all students learn differently. We must shift the paradigm and throw away this unrealistic system that holds all students to the same standards. My pedagogical approach will be to implement realistic expectations throughout our educational system. For example, by looking at where our children are lacking and providing them with the essential tools to make progress.
How have you been active in the community?
I’ve been a preschool teacher for five years. I’ve worked with children ages six months to six years. Parent involvement is extremely important to me. In 2016, I was honored with the Children’s Champion award, ” Rookie of the year” from Childcare Resource of Rockland. I am currently apart of two Rockland County based organizations. Big Brother and Big Sister and Step up. Both organizations aid to providing guidance, mentorship, and support to young children and teens in need.