Our 2020 Candidates

Standing Up for ALL Our Children!

Sherry McGill, Sabrina Charles-Pierre, Ashley Leveille and Carole Anderson

East Ramapo Parents for the East Ramapo school board

The NAACP has won a historic civil rights lawsuit compelling the school district to hold elections using a ward based system. Voters will now vote only for the one candidate who represents their ward.

7 thoughts on “Our 2020 Candidates

  1. I will be watching my mailbox for sure……Also I can share this with some of my neighbors but if they would only go out and vote! I am on Buena Vista Rd. and we need signs on this road immediately! Please make that happen and I can call my neighbors and ask them to please vote for you all but signs please. People do not know who u are! None of my neighbors do!


    • Hi Patricia,
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It has been challenging due to the COVID. We are getting signs made and need to put them in key areas. This is very helpful to know. Additionally, because of the social distancing we are sharing information via text and social media. If you can please share this site with your friends and neighbors and ask them if they can do the same. You can read more about the candidates by clicking on their names above. All of the candidates will be presented via zoom by NAACP tomorrow night 5/26 @ 6:15pm we will share that information.
      Thank you,
      2020 Candidates

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  2. CONGRATS ALL! Lookg.forward 2 supportg. You so YOU Succeed & we can once again be proud & not embarrassed to say we’re ERSD RESIDENTS & not regretting all those traumatic meetings I had to endure leaving me feelg. Sick !


  3. Thank you for creating this site to promote your candidates. I find voting in local New York elections to be extremely confusing when the candidates have multiple party endorsements listed after their names. I also feel that the local Dems are not doing a very clear job in putting together a list of their endorsements for each and every election. The local Democrats facebook page is not very clear! In the previous midwestern community that I grew up in, the democratic party volunteers would canvass with a list of endorsed candidates to hand out. I know this isn’t quite the venue to air my grievances, but I wanted to put it out there. Thanks!


  4. Our ballots just came in the mail today (6/4) at 4:30 PM. I tried to contact the district but the website is “turned off”. There is no access to any information other than a notice about continuation of the schools shutdown. I will mail the ballots early tomorrow morning (6/5) but I think the ballots will arrive late.


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